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TheT witches first went to press in 2001, written by H.B. Gilmour and Randi Reisfeld.  " It was my privilege to create the cover art for this very successful series." David Loew  

The series, ten in all, is about twin sister witches separated at birth, Camryn Barnes and Alexandra Fielding, also known as Apolla and Artemis DuBaer. They have matching amulets of the sun and the moon and also similar powers to said celestial bodies. The twins' guardians are Ileana, a cousin; and Karsh, a mentor. The twins' birth was foretold by their ancestors years ago. It is called the La Prophetic Aux Yeux Gris (The Prophecy of the Gray Eyes). The two lived completely different lives, miles away from each other, not knowing of their powers until they met in The Power of Two.

The books are published by Scholastic Press, which also publishes the more popular (and mentioned frequently in the books) Harry Potter series. No plans are currently made for any future books in the series, but some fans hope that the authors will pick up where Destiny's Twins left off, although it does not seem likely since the authors are said to be extremely busy with other projects.


Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Alexandra Nicole Fielding/Artemis DuBaer: The first twin to be born. She was born as the moon was setting and wears the moon amulet. Alex is the gothic/punk twin who doesn't care what people think about her and always changes her hair different colors. She grew up in Crow Creek, Montana, in the country. Her powers are telekinesis, telepathy, precognition, hyperactive sense of smell and hearing, tracking people with her mind, clairvoyance, and cryokinesis. In book 10 she started to get visions. Her best friends are Lucinda Carmelson and Evan Fretts and her boyfriend throughout the series is Cade Richman.

Camryn Alicia Barnes/Apolla DuBaer: The second twin to be born. She was born as the sun was rising and wears the sun amulet. Cam is the preppy, popular twin. She grew up in suburban Marble Bay, Massachusetts. Her powers are telepathy, clairvoyance, hyperactive sight, blinding people temporarily, and pyrokinesis. Her best friend is Elisabeth-Beth Fish and her boyfriends throughout the series are Shane Antayus Wright and Jason Weissman. In the end she stays with Jason.

Ileana DuBaer: She is a cousin to the twins and their guardian. Her father is Thantos DuBaer. After her mother died giving birth to her, he abandoned her and Karsh Antayus, a distant relative of her mother, raised her. Her mother, Beatrice Hazlitt, had little or no power but Ileana was a very powerful witch until she found out who her father was. Ileana is sometimes self centered and has a temper but she is caring and dependable, unlike her father. Her powers, the ones that we know so far, are telekinesis, precognition, hyperactive sight, levitation, shape-shifting, and telepathy. Her boyfriend is Brice Stanley.

Miranda Martine-DuBaer: She is the mother of the twins. She wears a sun and moon amulet. After the birth of the twins and her husbands death, she lost almost all of her powers and she disappeared. No one knew where she was except Thantos. She thought her daughters were dead too until Thantos decided to tell her they were alive 15 years later. After she met them for the first time, she went back to Coventry Island and tried to connect to her home again. She didn't know that Thantos was using her until he paralyzed her and Ileana trying to get Cam on his side. Her powers, the ones we know of so far, are telepathy, precognition, and tracking people with her mind.

Aron DuBaer: He is the father of the twins and the middle brother of Thantos and Fredo. From what we know, he was very powerful and was a generous warlock. His younger brother, Fredo, killed him the day his twin daughters was born. His powers, from what we know so far, was telepathy, hyperactive sight, smell, and hearing.

Thantos DuBaer: The father of Ileana and uncle to the twins. He practices dark magic and was always jealous of his brother Aron. He has tried to kill the twins numerous times but failed. Toward the end of the series he asked Miranda to marry him but she said no. In Book 10, he was to be ignored by everyone on Coventry Island at the end of the twins initiation. His powers, the ones that we know so far, are the ability to Cryokinesis, telepathy, hyperactive sight, smell, and hearing, and blinding people temporarily.

Fredo DuBaer: The younger brother of Thantos and Aron. He has little power and is in the Coventry Island jail for killing his brother, Aron. He has lived in the shadows of Thantos most of his life and even tried to kill the twins for Thantos. The only powers that he seems to have is telepathy and shape-shifting. He has two sons.

Vey and Tsuris DuBaer: The sons of Fredo. They are only half-warlock, their mother, Coco Lopez, is human and they have no power. They killed Karsh but have not been tried for his death. They were raised by their mother and are not very bright.

Karsh Antayus: The guardian of Ileana and a mentor to the twins. He guided many witches and warlocks and saved the twins life many times which resulted in his death. He had separated the twins at birth by Ileana's command but 14 years later brought them together. His powers, the ones we know of so far, were telepathy, clairvoyance, and shape-shifting.

David and Emily Barnes: The adoptive parents of Camryn and the legal guardians of Alex. Emily is an interior designer and David is a lawyer. Emily has no idea that the twins are witches but Dave knew since Cam was a baby. Dave is known as a sensitve (a person with powers who is not a witch or warlock) and when he adopted Cam he became a Protector. David had telekinesis and precognition but hasn't used any of his other powers since he adopted Cam. He and Emily have a son that is 10 months younger than Cam and Alex.

Dylan Michael Barnes: The younger adoptive brother of Cam and the biological child of Dave and Emily. Karsh had hinted to Dave in Book 2 that Dylan may be a Sensitive like his father once was. He and Alex hit it off in the beginning.

Isaac and Sara Fielding: The adoptive parents of Alexandra. Sara was Alex's Protector until she died when Alex was 14. Her powers are unknown. Isaac left Alex and Sara when Alex was almost 8 years old. In Book 4, we find out why. Isaac had found out that Alex had powers and wanted to use her to score some easy money so Sara threw him out. He showed up 4 months after Sara died trying to get Alex back but was killed by Fredo.